Wellness Synergy

Working Towards a Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart and a Healthy Body

Our approach is supportive and yet challenging.

You will feel empowered to take control of your health, and you will start to enjoy your journey to optimal wellness.

Wellness Synergy provides the knowledge, skills and tools needed to empower individuals and groups to reach their optimum health and wellness.

Dr. Beth Frates is the creator of the PAVING the Path to Wellness (TM) Model that she developed after over a decade of working with clients. This methodology is published in the medical literature in the British Medical Journal: Case Reports, January 11, 2016

Part of your wellness journey includes adopting healthy behaviors including---
1) enjoying daily physical activity, 2) eating nutrient dense foods,
3) managing everyday stressors,
4) nurturing a growth mindset. 

Let us work with you to 
1) create a wellness vision,
2) identify your motivators,
3) isolate your obstacles, 
4) brainstorm potential strategies,
5) utilize your strengths.

By following these steps, you will move closer to the healthy you, the person you want to be, the authentic you!


The synergy is between you and your health coach.  We also include your loved ones, friends, and other health allies with whom you collaborate and trust.  Working together we can accomplish more than just one person alone.