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Working Towards a Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart and a Healthy Body
Beth and her dog, Reesee.
Emmy, a therapy dog/photo dog at the top of the Alps in 2015.
Upcoming Presentations and Courses

January: PAVING the Path to Wellness: Rock Solid STEPSS to Optimal Health (TM) For Harvard Longwood Medical Community

PAVING the Path to Wellness: Rock Solid STEPSS to Optimal Health (TM) Hingham Retreat Center with the Center for Integrative Wellness, Hingham

 February: Lifestyle Medicine Track at the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP)

June: Health Coaching Conversations: The Key to Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC)


Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine Course Local and Distance (online and live):

Dr. Frates developed the curriculum  for and taught her Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine course at Harvard Extension School for the second year in a row. The course was ranked 4.9 out of 5 and Dr. Frates received a teaching award for her work. They are including her course as a case study in how to effectively teach at the Harvard Extension School.

To view the syllabus and access the video recording of lecture 1, simple google Harvard Extension School Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine.  

Dr. Frates co-authored Chapter 27 on coaching in The Lifestyle Medicine Textbook edited by Dr. James Rippe. Click here to see it. 

Chapter 27 on Coaching in Rippe's Lifestyle Medicine Textbook

Dr. Frates is the medical editor for the Harvard Health Special Report:     "Get Healthy, Get a Dog"

Click here for information about the report

Summary of Presentations for 2016:


Patient Care Coordinator Executive Committee Meeting at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital-PAVING the Path to Wellness

Institute of Functional Medicine: Cardiometabolic Conference- Exercise Prescription: Motivating Your Patients to Move and Case Presentations for the Exercise Prescription

PAVING the Path to Wellness: Harvard College

Institute of Lifestyle Medicine: Tools for Promoting Healthy Change

Institute of Functional Medicine: Annual International Conference on Exercise and Sleep

Institute of Lifestyle Medicine: Charting Your Course to Optimal Well Being

Harvard College: PAVING the Path to Wellness

August-November: Harvard Extension School Course--Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

September: Moderating Health and Wellness Track at Institute of Coaching Annual Conference

October: American College of Lifestyle Medicine-Workshop on Leading Groups in Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Wayne Dysinger

PAVING the Path to Wellness for Partners Residents and Fellows at MGH

December:  Health Coaching Conversations: The Key to Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC)


Dr. Frates developed a course on Compassionate Communication for Connection for the Population Health Coordinators at MGH and taught the course January to June 2016.