Wellness Synergy

Working Towards a Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart and a Healthy Body

 We can provide: 

1) One on one wellness coaching by phone or in person for individuals or groups.

Create a wellness vision, work with the PAVING Wellness Wheel, create SMART (specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time sensitive) goals to start paving your journey to optimal wellness. Realizing that MOSS does not grow on a rolling stone, we will look at your MOSS--Motivators, Obstacles, Strategies, Strengths so that you can be healthy and happy.


2) Speaking engagements

Dr. Frates frequently gives presentations on wellness topics such as Paving the Path to Wellness: Rock Solid STEPSS to Optimal Health, exercise as medicine, the exercise prescription, motivating patients to move, how to motivate yourself, preparing for change, finding your strengths,  working on wellness with your loved one, making change happen step by step, nutrition: making sense of dieting, nutrition as medicine, the connection prescription, the laughter prescription, stroke basics, preventing a stroke, and life after stroke.


3) Wellness Workshops--PAVING the Path to Wellness: Rock Solid STEPSS to Optimal Health

We will work on 12 steps:

PAVING--Physical activity, Attitude, Variety, Investigations, Nutrition, Goals

STEPSS--Stress Management, Time outs, Energy, Purpose, Sleep, Social connection

Do you have a group (new moms, workaholic dads, stressed CEOS, working moms, retired folks) that are looking to add a little wellness to their lives?  A three hour interactive workshop might be the right choice for you.

4) PAVING the Path to Wellness: Rock Solid STEPSS to Optimal Health 

This holistic COACH approach to wellness developed by Dr. Frates will empower people to reach their optimal level of wellness by addressing the body, mind, and spirit.