Wellness Synergy

Working Towards a Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart and a Healthy Body


Client Testimonial:

"When I first started my work with Dr. Frates I was obese and amidst a diabetes scare. It served as a major wake up call.   I couldn’t believe how my health had spiraled out of control and that my habits did not support my vision of myself. She worked with me week by week through many challenges, and obstacles. She always held me in the highest regard, and believed in me at times more than I believed in myself.   

Over the past 7 months I have had a dramatic change in my personal habits through my work with Dr. Frates. Given my busy schedule, I never thought it would be possible to become a regular exerciser but now I can say that I make it to the gym faithfully 4 days per week. Her energy and enthusiasm for her work helped me change my attitude. Soon over time, I realized that change was possible even in the most difficult situations. Using the coach approach we have tackled many hurdles in order to realize my dreams of being fit and healthy. My palate has changed dramatically, in that I no longer enjoy any of those unhealthy foods I used to eat on a regular basis. Now my diet consists of healthy foods that “fuel” me. As a result I have lost 25 pounds!! I am much more confident than I have ever been in my life. I feel good in my body, and my brain “fog” has disappeared. Now more than ever, I believe that it is all possible."

Dr. A.L.


June 2011


Dr. Beth Frates on WCAC -TV

Channel 39 (verizon) Channel 9 (comcast)

February-June 2011

"Change Your Habits, Change Your Life"


"In February of this year I agreed to be a guest on Dr. Beth Frates' new cable television program entitled “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.” The experience has proven to be extremely rewarding. When I began this journey, I was relatively inactive as far as regular exercising is concerned. In addition my eating habits were poor… eating too much of the wrong types of foods often late at night. My BMI number placed me in the obese category… high risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. I felt stuck in my bad habits and was preparing mentally for a change when this opportunity presented itself.


            Today I feel like a different person physically and mentally. I have lost about 12 pounds (in 8 weeks) and am exercising on a regular basis. My shopping cart at the grocery store now consists of non-processed, nutrient-rich foods with an emphasis on reduction in added sugars. I don’t count calories but I am much more aware of the quality and quantity of what I eat. Clearly, this has changed my habits for the better.


            Dr. Frates has been amazing to work with. She is a constant source of knowledge and support, always staying focused on setting realistic goals and expectations. Her follow up is outstanding, and she provides awesome support in what can be a difficult journey at times."

James J.
June 2011

When one gets to be a senior citizen, he/she usually knows the basics of promoting fitness and health. However, doing it is another story. In three months of working with Beth, I am exercising more, eating healthier, and more aware of choices that I am making. I have lost weight, feel better, and sleep better. Beth’s guidance, support, and encouragement was invaluable throughout this process. Her help in setting weekly, monthly, and three month goals set the foundation. Her nonjudgmental listening and comments bolstered my determination. But best of all, she has set me on a track towards a healthier lifestyle that I believe is sustainable and will serve as my guideline in future years.

Renee M.
March 2011


"Dr. Frates has been a true leader in lifestyle medicine here at Harvard Medical School. In this age of increasing medical cost and complexity of care, Dr. Frates' lectures provide a much-needed reminder that we can treat diseases before they occur. Dr. Frates doesn't just tell us to treat illness; she also teaches us to remember to promote good health!

As a mentor, Dr. Frates encourages her students to practice the lifestyle habits that they wish to inspire in their patients. I wish that more of my own doctors would familiarize themselves with her coaching techniques. She is inspiring, motivating, knowledgeable, compassionate, passionate, and one of the best teachers I have had at Harvard!"


Vincent Xu, HMS II

Evaluations of Presentations:

April 15-17, 2011, Dr. Beth Frates was in Phoenix, Arizona co-directing a 3 day academic course for physicians on The Exercise Prescription.

Here are some comments from colleagues and participants---

"I have had the pleasure of working with, and learning from, Dr. Frates on two occasions as a course director and lecture attendee. Once at the AAMC Annual event in 2009 and, more recently, at the Association of Academic Physiatrist's Annual Meeting where she conducted a full-day presentation on physical activity and wellness coaching. She has a deep knowledge of her subject and is an exciting and engaging speaker. Her presentation style involves each of the participants and motivates everyone to make positive changes in their own and their patient's lifestyles. She is a true leader in a movement that will help shape the future of quality healthcare. From a course director's point-of-view she seeks to understand her audience's needs, meets necessary deadlines and is a true pleasure to work with."

John S. Harrell, M.D.

Assistant Professor and Residency Director

Baylor College of Medicine, PM&R


"The brief part of the course that I was able to attend was really engaging and I did get a lot out of it. I wanted to tell you that I think your teaching/lecturing style is amazing and I hope that you continue to teach in the same exciting and interactive way in future conference courses. Your residents are very lucky to have you."

A PM&R Chief-Resident



On April 20, 2011, Dr. Beth Frates presented at Grand Rounds at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Needham, MA. Her title was "Exercise Prescription: Motivating Your Patients to Move." Below is the feedback she received from the audience.

"Excellent presentation, very dynamic speaker."

"Very engaging speaker."

"My favorite Grand Rounds speaker."


Dr. Frates spoke at the Active Lives CME conference on November 12, 2011

I had the pleasure of hearing Beth Frates speak at a recent Harvard Medical
 continuing medical education course on exercise and health. She is so
inspiring, knowledgeable, engaging...and funny! Beth blends personal story with
state-of-the-art medical information in a really unique way. I was so impressed
that  I've asked her to come speak to the doctors and nurses at my medical
Suzanne Koven, M.D.
Primary care internist, MGH
Medical Columnist, The Boston Globe




Since her days as a leader at Harvard Medical school, Dr. Frates has impressed me with a combination of intellect, compassion and enthusiasm that is both rare and invigorating. Her venture with Wellness Synergy is a wonderful move towards a patient centered/ patient empowering wellness model that holds such great promise. I can think of no better more skilled or dedicated physician to lead us into this frontier. Her patients will surely flourish under her care. 


David T Burke MD, MA

Professor and Chairman

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine